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You haven’t felt true pain until your favourite book gets made into the crappiest movie ever

starburiedlogic said: I think I see the free will/self-determination thing as applying to creation as a whole. Like, maybe God originally created a speck and let it unfold naturally into the universe, then stars and rocks and planets, from which organisms eventually developed and evolved. So then you have things like sickness which came about and unfortunately must be allowed to happen too. So, maybe he's sad that people suffer, but he must let it keep going or else he inadvertently changes who we are as persons.


ohhhh I understand! So kind of like, if you put god at the centre of the big bang..? 

At this point it might be that, and pardon if I’m being horrendously rude, perhaps it doesn’t really matter if god exists until we die…? Like whether we live our lives as if there is a god or not, if he has naught to do with our lives then I guess it doesn’t matter? Because it’s after we die that god would be able to interfere and make everything okay, I guess. Kind of Heaven.

I don’t know how it fits in with other religions, I don’t think one could be right and the others be wrong, if any of them are right at all.

Pretty much!

Using this view, yes, I guess you could say that it doesn’t matter if he exists or not until we die, referring to a person’s individual religion.

There’s also the fact that I believe a loving and forgiving God would send no one to eternal damnation, whatever they had done in life and whatever they believed, so in that way there are no repercussions for one’s actions besides the ones you impose upon yourself. (Would you feel okay murdering someone if you knew God wouldn’t technically punish you for it, for instance. You probably still wouldn’t, and in that way you’ve done what God hoped for all along, which is to have used free will to make a moral decision.)

But like I said, these are just thoughts, the conclusions I came to trying to reconcile my religion (Catholicism) with what I felt to be the most logical choices made by a truly benevolent creator. I don’t think they really fall in line with any one religion, or at least not any I’ve come across. But then I haven’t made a study of religion either, so.

I feel fairly confident in keeping them, however, because a God who isn’t as fair as it’s possible to be, who judges, condemns, or seeks revenge in the afterlife, or who chooses to save certain people in certain situations and not others, would not be a God worth worshiping. Or acknowledging, really.

(This is why it kind of irks me to see people give interviews saying things like, “God was looking out for us and that’s why we survived the car crash,” or, “God has plans for this person.” It’s basically saying that God thought they were worth protecting but not everyone else who’s ever been hurt or killed in the same way. A benevolent god wouldn’t pick and choose like that, and if he were following plans and had a set destiny for everyone, why would that happen in the first place? Was he caught unawares?)

And if there is no god or religion that’s correct, no need to worry about any of it. :)


david duchovny doesn’t know what frogs are

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reasonablysunny asked: Joan and Fred Thursday, SCARF DETECTIVES

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I’ve just sent my aunt, who I’m not sure is my aunt because she’s the daughter of my gran’s sister or because she’s the daughter of my gran and step-grandpa and was given to my gran’s sister when she was a baby or because my step-grandpa got with my gran’s sister but everyone decided to just overlook that, a friend request on facebook.

She has refused to speak to me or acknowledge my presence for over ten years for unknown reasons but really doted on me before that.

Let’s see how this goes.

The Wolves & The Ravens | Rogue Valley

There is no map or compass near
I drive a ship I cannot steer


coming home

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This fucking woman

You all know this is gonna be us as grandparents

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Via “Twisted Sifter”

This is What a Japanese Speaking Bird Sounds Like

In this clip we see a Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa) speaking Japanese during an exchange with its owner. Hill Mynas are renowned for the mimicry and some have placed their ability near or on par with African Grey Parrots. They can learn to reproduce many everyday sounds, whistled tunes and particularly the human voice, with remarkable accuracy and clarity.

According to comments on reddit, the conversation roughly translates as follows:

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”
Bird: “What’s wrong?”
Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”
Bird: “Okay, understood.”
Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”
Bird: “Okay, I understand!”
Owner: “Got it.”

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An Arrow advertisement, 1959.

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